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Pro Hogger

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End grain hollowing can be a chore with the high speed steel cutters that come with most hollowing systems.

The “Pro-Hogger™” a 3/16 round bar that holds a Hogger 6 shear cup cutter (RD6S1). The system also comes with an adapter and a 10/32 screw. This allows you to retro fit this system to almost all captive hollowing systems.

Mounted on a round bar enables the cutter to be rotated to any angle that the turner is comfortable with. With the “Pro-Hogger™” you will find the sweet spot that allows for much thinner turning. It will also allow the turner to angle the cutter so they can cut from the left to the right and change the angle to cut toward the center of the bottom.

This tool can also be used in cross grain hollowing which requires more skill as to not break the piece at the tendon. In cross grain the grain is running across the tenon leaving it much weaker. The “Pro-Hogger™” will allow for lighter, safer cuts

The “Pro Hogger™” is designed to fit most hollowing systems in the market today, including the Robert Sorby Multi Tip Hollowing Tools RS200KT and RS230KT

The kit contains the following:

  • Round bar to hold the cutter
  • Hogger 6 attached to the bar
  • Extra Hogger 6  cutter
  • M2.5 extra Screw
  • Adapter to hold the round bar
  • 10/32 Screw to attach the adapter to a flat bar
  • T9 torx wrench