Tree Craft / Lubkemann

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Auteur: Chris Lubkemann

ISBN 13: 978-1-56523-455-0

Bladzijden: 128

Soft Cover

If a tree falls in the woods, odds are author and woodworker Chris Lubkemann will hear it and create something out of it. For years, Lubkemann has been transforming twigs, branches and fallen trees into artfully designed yet functional pieces for the home, from candle holders and coasters to coffee tables and curtain rods.

With insight into picking the right piece of wood to the basic techniques of cutting, trimming and shaping, Tree Craft takes you on a journey that is both creative and inspiring. The five chapters in the book are divided into the areas of your home where the 35 stylish and practical projects can be used.

Aimed toward those with a general appreciation of wood, while the projects don't require a large amount of carving, they are interesting in the fact that they use natural pieces of wood that can be turned into unique and useful items with some creative tweaking. Reusing Mother Nature's beauty inside your home is a great way to add warmth and rustic elegance to any decor.


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